In an effort to continue building relationships and communication with the people of San Bernardino County, District Attorney Jason Anderson will be highlighting law enforcement leaders making a difference in their communities.

Our nation’s law enforcement officers, agencies, and practices are under great scrutiny today. The men and women who reside in our communities rightfully have concerns about their law enforcement agencies, policies, and procedures. San Bernardino County District Attorney Jason Anderson, as well as all of the counties law enforcement leaders, are listening to the residents, business owners, and community leaders when they speak on the topic of racial equality and relationships with the law enforcement community.

There are many considerations being made in the district attorney’s office on how we can better improve our relationship with everyone we serve. To instill confidence in the people of San Bernardino County, District Attorney Anderson has started a program which will highlight various members of the law enforcement community who are doing more than just being “cops.” The program is called “The Shield.”

Each month, we will highlight an officer or employee of a law enforcement agency in San Bernardino County, who have a connection with their community or are an inspiration for others. We’ll look into what these men and women have done to make a difference, why they do it, and more.

Starting off the first edition of The Shield is Officer Todd Smith of the Colton Police Department. Officer Smith is the founder of a nationwide program called “Fuel For Success” which helps form relationships with law enforcement officers an high school students, with sponsorship from Shell Oil. After Officer Smith, is Chino Police Officer Jessica Asbee, who overcame some challenges as a young woman, and has become a school resource officer mentoring young men and women.


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