With a passion to humbly serve the people of San Bernardino County, Deputy District Attorney Heather Razook joins the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office.

Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Heather Razook grew up wanting to work in the criminal justice system. As she pursued an education in criminal justice, she realized her passion for criminal law. As a San Bernardino native, Heather is familiar with the needs of her community and wishes to devote her life to protecting the people that live in her beautiful county.

Deputy District Attorney Heather Razook was sworn in on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 by District Attorney Jason Anderson.

Heather obtained an AAT in Administration of Justice from Riverside City College and a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from California State University San Bernardino, and recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of La Verne College of Law. She wanted to work in criminal law as a prosecutor as she knew it would give her more opportunities to help her community in a just and fair manner as a prosecutor.

I wanted to go into law because I saw too many instances in my private life where members of my family or close friends found themselves in need of legal assistance for civil issues. I wanted to be the person who they could come to for help.
– Deputy District Attorney Heather Razook

As a passionate and humble servant to her community, Heather is looking forward to making the legal process easier for victim’s of crime. With high hopes to be a fierce advocate for victims, she is excited to now serve as a trustworthy legal advocate that will pursue justice for her community.