Kidnapping is no joke and unfortunately happens to those who least expect it. Here are a few tips and tricks to hopefully avoid such a violent act from happening to you and your family.

As reported in the news this past week, football great Joe Montana and his wife Jennifer were able to stop the attempted kidnapping of their 9-month-old granddaughter. The intruder, 39-year-old Sodsai Dalzel, was able to break into the couple’s Malibu home in the middle of the day.

Dalzel tried to take the sleeping child from her grandparents according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department official statement. Fortunately, Jennifer Montana was able to stop Dalzel by wrestling the child from the intruder’s arms.

If this can happen in the seemingly safe community of Malibu…it can happen anywhere.

Though we cannot completely protect and prevent kidnappings, we want to show you some tips to safeguard your family and your home.


Tip #1  Ensure Doors And Windows Are Closed And Locked
It is a good idea to check that all windows and doors are locked before you go to sleep. Further, it is equally important to do a routine check to look for cracks, weak or broken locks, handles, etc. The point is, you may be unaware that something is not right with your doors and windows.

Tip #2  Install Motion Activated Lights
When a person is lurking around your doors, windows, bushes, and paths, you want something to illuminate the outside of your house. This serves both as a deterrent to the potential intruder, and gives you a heads up when someone is outside. You can purchase motion activated lights at your local hardware store, Wayfair, and Amazon.

Tip #3  Consider An Alarm System
Alarm systems are primarily for the purpose of alarming you and scaring the intruder from the home. These systems are useful for drawing the attention of surrounding neighbors that there is a situation when someone is breaking into your home. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on alarm systems to notify law enforcement with the expectation they will at your house immediately.

Tip #4  Get A Dog
Not only will this allow you the excuse to adopt a furry companion, home intruders are far less likely to invade your household. It is a great deterrent when an intruder sees or hears a large or medium sized dog barking loudly.

Tip #5  Get a Door Alarm Such as ToddlerMonitor
For infants and/or young children, consider using a baby monitor in every room. While this may seem excessive, it is a proactive measure your family can take to ensure a young child is heard in the event of a struggle or kidnapping.

With all of the uncertainties we face today, taking these steps will help prevent kidnappings and other forms of home intrusions.

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