Jessica Asbee, dedicated police officer for the Chino Police Department, is the embodiment of an honorable woman in uniform dedicated to serve and protect the people in her community. 

It’s not often to see an individual live up to the expectations they held for themselves when they were young. The police officer for this month’s edition of The Shield, however, has done just that. 

Through challenging times as a teenager, living out of her car, and holding the responsibility of caring for those in her family, Asbee continued to work hard towards her dreams of becoming a trustworthy woman in uniform. 

“The reason why I became a police officer is Law and Order SVU, Detective Benson,” said Asbee in an interview. “She’s been such an empowering detective. She’s fighting crime. I always wanted to be like her.” 

Asbee claims the reason she serves in law enforcement is because she is dedicated to bettering the futures of the youth in her community. This inspiration was sparked by the love she holds for her younger sister. As a result, Asbee has recently taken on the responsibility of becoming a school resource officer and an explorer advisor. 

Reaching out to students is a passion of Asbee’s. She is dedicated to showing students that not all officers are bad. Instead, she believes many, especially the officers in Chino, are dedicated to the advancement of their community.

While Asbee once dreamed of becoming Detective Benson, she is now the inspiration for the youth in her community. She is fighting crime and serves as an empowering officer whose sworn duty is to make the world safer, brighter, and possible for the youth who are brave enough to dream. 

“Hearing so many people talk negatively against law enforcement is really heartbreaking because they don’t see all the good that we do.”

You are going to want to watch the video to learn more about her story and to see some of Officer Asbee’s awesome skills. 

If you would like to know more about the law enforcement explorer program Officer Asbee is involved with, reach out to the Chino Police Department at (909) 334-3000.

On behalf of District Attorney Jason Anderson and all of the men and women of the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, thank you Jessica for being The Shield’s featured law enforcement officer for October 2020.


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