SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, Calif. – The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office filed false reporting charges against Angel Salvador Marin (44) of Downey, for conduct related to an incident at Ontario Mills mall on Monday, May 29, 2023.

Defendant Marin allegedly falsely reported an active shooter, which caused mass panic in a crowded mall, leaving one victim seriously injured during the incident.

On June 21tst, the San Bernardino County District Attorney Office filed the following felony charge against Angel Salvador Marin;

Count 1 – Felony PC148.3 Falsely Reporting An Emergency

“Like most, we have witnessed an increase in mass shooting across the country. With the devastating potential for loss of life and emotional toll on witnesses and bystanders, residents here know all too well the catastrophic impact mass shootings have. Just as it is expected that our law enforcement partners respond to every active shooter report seriously and swiftly, our Office wants our residents to know that individuals who falsely report an emergency such as an active shooter or bomb threat anywhere in San Bernardino County will be met with swift and serious charges.”  – District Attorney Jason Anderson

Defendant Marin plead not guilty at arraignment on June 22, 2023 at Rancho Cucamonga Superior Courthouse, with bail set at $30,000.00. The next hearing date is set on July 3rd, 2023 at Rancho Cucamonga Superior Courthouse.

CASE UPDATE – November 6, 2023

At a hearing on November 6, 2023, defendant Marin withdrew his initial plea of not guilty, and pleaded no contest on the charge of PC148.3(B) – False Reporting of Emergency Resulting in GBI for actions on May 29, 2023 at Ontario Mills mall resulting in mass panic leaving one victim seriously injured.

Marin was convicted of PC148.3(b), sentenced to 16 months county prison, and ordered to pay restitution.



Case # FWV23002073

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