After becoming suspicious about an auto theft claim, an insurance company contacted investigators who determined Khalid Naseb Alsuwadi committed insurance fraud.

On August 2, 2019, Khalid Naseb Alsuwadi (Age 41 of Fontana) reported his vehicle stolen to the Pomona Police Department. Soon after, Farmer’s Insurance contacted the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Auto Insurance Fraud Unit after they became suspicious of the truthfulness of Alsuwadi’s theft claim.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation initiated an investigation into the theft. After numerous interviews and search warrants, Mr. Alsuwadi was arrested by our investigators on December 4, 2019.

On February 11, 2021, Mr. Alsuwadi was sentenced in San Bernardino Superior Court for felony violations of Penal Code Section 550(b)(1) – Insurance Fraud, and Penal Code Section 664/487A – Attempted Grand Theft. Those sections specify:

Penal Code Section 550(b)(1) – Insurance Fraud
It is unlawful to do, or to knowingly assist or conspire with any person to do, any of the following:

Present or cause to be presented any written or oral statement as part of, or in support of or opposition to, a claim for payment or other benefit pursuant to an insurance policy, knowing that the statement contains any false or misleading information concerning any material fact.

Penal Code Section 664/487(a) – Attempted Grand Theft
Grand theft is theft committed in any of the following cases:

When the money, labor, or real or personal property taken is of a value exceeding nine hundred fifty dollars ($950), except as provided in subdivision (b).

As part of the plea agreement, Alsuwaldi will serve 240 days in County Jail, be placed on two years of formal probation, and has paid restitution of $ 1,942.17 to Farmers Insurance.