Yucaipa City Councilman clarifies his comment made at a council meeting in regards to a phone call with San Bernardino County District Attorney Jason Anderson.

On June 8, 2020, Yucaipa City Councilman Bobby Duncan made a statement at the city council meeting, which caused concern for both the district attorney and some residents.

Councilman Duncan has since issued a correction to his statement, which can be viewed either on the City of Yucaipa website, or by clicking this link.

Listen To Councilman Duncan’s Comment

The comment by Councilman Duncan can be heard at 1:38:43 in this recording of the Yucaipa City Council Meeting held on June 8, 2020.

Handle Firearms Safely And Lawfully

District Attorney Anderson reminds all those who are legally allowed to possess firearms, to do so safely and lawfully. Anyone having possession of a firearm should be familiar with the laws of the State of California as it relates to possessing, transporting, exhibiting, or using a firearm.

We have found the majority of those individuals who lawfully possess firearms use good common sense.

If you are a business owner in lawful possession of a firearm, always remember you are not allowed to use that firearm to protect property. That is why you have business insurance.

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