In 2018, the Defendant went on a brazen crime spree, committing four robberies and two sexual assaults, in two locations over the span of about two hours.  The first two robberies occurred at an Ontario “Check n’ Go,” where he pretended to be a customer but then pulled out a firearm and robbed two employees at gunpoint for over $1500.00. 

Two hours later, he entered a massage parlor in Colton, where he again pretended to be a customer, but then pulled out a firearm and robbed two masseuses at gun point of hundreds of dollars.  He then sexually assaulted them one after the other at gun point.  The masseuses did not speak much English and mostly spoke Mandarin. 

At trial, the Defendant took the stand and admitted that he robbed these four women, however, denied that the gun was real and said the sex was “consensual” because the two women at the massage parlor were prostitutes who had offered him “two free dates.”  If that didn’t offend the jury enough, the Defendant further testified “there was no real difference between what happened in Ontario and what happened in Colton” and “the gun had nothing to do with whether this was consensual sex.” 

Deputy District Attorney Jack Juan delivered a spectacular closing argument that convinced the jury to return guilty verdicts and true allegations in under one hour!  This career criminal and sexual predator is looking at “one-strike” sex offense sentencing and is facing approximately 63 years determinate plus 75 years to life.  He will have a long time to reflect on his words.