Angered by 20 years of his sister-in-law, Ana Ramirez, living with the family and interfering in his relationship with his wife and children, Defendant Jorge Palomo had enough.

During the evening hours, Defendant Palomo patched the air vents in his home, set out two open propane tanks, severed the gas line to the stove and placed various weapons inside the home; including an axe, survival knife, spear/metal bar, and a sledgehammer. 

While Palomo’s wife, Sonia Palomo, and sons were in a bedroom and his sister-in-law, Ana Ramirez, was reading on the couch, Defendant Palomo struck Ana 4 times with a double-headed axe.  The cuts to her neck were so deep they severed her carotid artery and jugular vein, and struck bone in the jaw and spine. 

Defendant Palomo then entered the bedroom where his wife, Sonia, and sons were, still holding the axe and a melee ensued wherein he attacked them with various weapons as they attempted to fight him off. 

Ultimately, Palomo cut one of his son’s in the chest with the axe and also stabbed his wife in the chest with a knife.  The family was able to escape the room, only to find Ana dead on the couch and the home filled with the smell of gas.  Defendant Palomo had padlocked the doors closed.  Sonia and her sons had to break out the windows to the home to breathe and used the metal bar to pry open the door. 

Defendant Palomo was detained on scene and gave a statement where he admitted to killing Ana, however, denied any plan to kill his kids or wife. 

The defendant took the stand and testified that he just couldn’t take his sister-in-law anymore, that he had been trying to evict her for years and she refused to leave.  Defendant Palomo maintained that he never intended to kill his wife and sons and suggested they attacked him when he entered the room and told them what he’d done to Ana. 

Defendant Palomo was found guilty of the murder of Ana Ramirez by using an axe, and guilty of attempt voluntary manslaughter of Sonia Palomo by using a knife.  The defendant faces 25 or 27 years-to-life in prison and will be sentenced on 11/8/19. 

A big THANK YOU also to Victim Advocate Jessica Cioli who worked tirelessly to ensure the family was supported and prepared throughout the process, and was essential in providing the moral support necessary to help the victims make it through several long and emotional days of testifying at trial.