San Bernardino County, Calif. – After nearly 40 years of judicial process at both the State and Federal court confirming Kevin Cooper’s guilt, an independent fact finder appointed by Governor Newsom reports back that every evidentiary claim made by Cooper holds no validity. Clearly stating that Cooper’s guilt is “extensive and conclusive”.

Kevin Cooper will remain a convicted mass murder, guilty of the remorseless, brutal killings of Doug Ryen, Peggy Ryen, Jessica Ryen, Christopher Hughes and the attempted murder of Joshua Ryen.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office has continued to advocate for the surviving victim Joshua Ryen, and members of the Ryen and Hughes families, who we hope can finally have the closure they deserved decades ago.

“While not surprised by the findings, we are relieved for the Ryen and Hughes families,” says District Attorney Jason Anderson. “When will enough be enough for the sensationalists who have robbed the victims and surviving family members of closure from the heinous acts of a convicted murderer?”

The only remaining question, is who will be held accountable for the attempt to erode the credibility of the criminal justice system that has continually confirmed Cooper’s guilt?

Apologies to the victims and their families should be heard just as loud, if not louder than the criticism and dissension from the failed political opines, academics making false claims, and subjective Hollywood fictive lawyers who have never tried a criminal case in their life.

The silence is deafening now that the realization has come that they have been duped into the fallacy of Kevin Cooper’s innocence.


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Jacquelyn Rodriguez, Public Affairs Officer