SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY – On March 9, 2022, Almirante Perez (45) of Highland dba Southern Pacific Janitorial Group was ordered to pay $2,407,573.14 in restitution for committing workers’ compensation and tax fraud.

Almirante Perez owned a janitorial business under Southern Pacific Janitorial Group.  Over multiple years, Mr. Perez committed workers’ compensation and tax fraud by failing to fully insure his employees for workers’ compensation and underreporting his employee payroll.

Mr. Perez was convicted of felony workers’ compensation fraud and placed on felony probation for the maximum period of two years on May 18, 2021.

The $2,407,573.14 in restitution will be paid to multiple victims, including the Employment Development Department, Republic Underwriters, Berkshire Hathaway and Liberty Mutual.

The criminal case was prosecuted by the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Unit of the San Bernardino County District Attorneys’ Office.