The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office has completed its review of the officer-involved shooting which occurred on July 10, 2019. This incident happened in the city of Adelanto and involved the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. The shooting was investigated by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.


On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, at 11:11 a.m., the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department received a call from a female victim. The victim said she had been hit, choked, and pushed by her boyfriend, Darrel Allen. The victim said Allen had left the location on foot, and he was wearing a white t-shirt and red and white pants.

Deputy Kyle Schuler and Deputy Jared Rodgers were dispatched to the location, which was in the 18000 block of Poinciana Road in the city of Adelanto. Deputy Schuler arrived at about 11:17 a.m. and Deputy Rodgers arrived at about 11:25 a.m.

After contacting the victim, Deputies Schuler and Rodgers began checking the area for Allen. Deputy Schuler, who was in his full “Class A” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy’s uniform, walked to a nearby apartment building also located in the 18000 block of Poinciana Road. Deputy Schuler approached the south side of the building and checked for any unsecured doors where Allen may have gone. 

Deputy Schuler saw two green doors on the first floor of the apartment complex near a staircase.  Deputy Schuler tried to open the door, by pulling on the door handle. He felt someone holding the door handle from inside, preventing the door from being opened.

Deputy Schuler took a step back and the door swung open.  Deputy Schuler was then face-to-face with Allen, who was less than two feet away.  Allen moved towards Deputy Schuler while he pointed a 4-inch long serrated knife directly at Deputy Schuler.

Deputy Schuler backed up as Allen advanced towards him. After moving about three to four feet backwards, Deputy Schuler drew his firearm, pointed it, and fired approximately four shots at Allen.

Allen continued advancing in an angry and aggressive manner with the knife still raised and pointed at Deputy Schuler, despite the rounds fired at him. As Allen moved towards Deputy Schuler, Deputy Schuler fired about four more rounds at Allen.

Allen fell to the ground. Deputy Schuler did not fire any more rounds at Allen. Deputy Schuler used his radio to notify the dispatchers and other deputies he had just been involved in a shooting, and he requested medical personnel be sent to the location.  

Deputy Rodgers immediately arrived at Deputy Schuler’s location. He saw Allen on the ground with the knife near his body. Deputy Rodgers tossed the knife away from Allen and began life-saving measures on Allen. Allen was treated at the scene by emergency medical and fire personnel. He was transported to Victor Valley Global Medical Center in the city of Victorville for treatment.  Allen succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased.


The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department investigated this shooting. A review of the investigation, reports, evidence, and statements was completed by the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office.

Based on the facts presented in the reports and the applicable law, our office concluded Deputy Kyle Schuler’s use of lethal force was a proper exercise of his rights of self-defense and defense of others, and therefore his actions were legally justified.


By providing a thorough explanation to the community regarding the review of officer-involved shootings, it is the intention of District Attorney Jason Anderson and the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office to maintain the community’s confidence and trust in its law enforcement officers and district attorney’s office.

Key Points of This Incident

  • Mr. Allen hit, choked, and pushed his girlfriend, which is in violation of domestic violence laws.
  • Mr. Allen left the crime scene before deputies arrived to investigate the domestic violence.
  • Mr. Allen hid from law enforcement as they searched the area for him.
  • Mr. Allen prevented the door from being opened by the deputy sheriff.
  • Mr. Allen opened the door and attacked the deputy sheriff with a knife.
  • The deputy sheriff defended himself and shot Mr. Allen, which stopped Mr. Allen’s violent attack.

Deputy sheriffs are trained for dangerous situations such as this one, and they continually update their training as new situations and techniques are identified. 

Additionally, deputy sheriffs have equipment on their belts, vests, and vehicles, which they use to complete their duties.

Deputy sheriffs are expected and authorized to use the equipment to protect themselves and others from suffering injuries or death. To some, watching a deputy sheriff using physical force against another person can be upsetting or disturbing. 

Deputy sheriffs prefer to use the least amount of force, whether it be their mere presence or verbal commands, to diffuse situations. However, there are situations, such as this incident, in which lethal force is necessary for the community and deputy sheriff’s safety.

In rapidly tense situations, deputies do not have a great deal of time planning, revising, or analyzing a situation, such as readers of this article. When a situation evolves, deputies must make the best decisions possible to protect and save lives in a condensed amount of time.

The community expects that the people they call upon to protect them, which is law enforcement, will not back down, be intimidated, or run scared when danger presents itself. 

On July 10, 2019, Mr. Allen made the decision to batter his girlfriend. After doing so, he decided to leave the scene. Mr. Allen chose to hide in a room while deputies searched for him in the area.

Mr. Allen decided to arm himself with a knife. He chose to exit the room and attack a deputy sheriff. Mr. Allen decided to continue his violent attack on the deputy, even when the deputy was shooting his firearm to stop Mr. Allen’s attack. 

Mr. Allen’s attack was only stopped after having been shot by the deputy sheriff.

There is an extremely high probability this deputy-involved-shooting would not have happened had the following occurred:

  • Mr. Allen did not physically batter his girlfriend.
  • Mr. Allen did not hide from law enforcement.
  • Mr. Allen did not arm himself with a knife.
  • Mr. Allen did not aggressively and violently attack a deputy sheriff.


The district attorney’s office has always reviewed officer-involved shootings in San Bernardino County. 

Upon taking office, District Attorney Jason Anderson wanted a dedicated team of trained and experienced deputy district attorneys and investigators to review these shootings and respond to the scene of shootings. 

The review unit did not respond to this shooting scene as the new team’s design, development, and protocols were still being developed. 

Please visit to learn more about this team. 

As the district attorney’s office, we realize the entire community is affected when force is used by the police, regardless of the situation or circumstances. Our responsibility is to ensure that all parties involved in cases such as the one involving Mr. Allen acted lawfully.


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