District Attorney Jason Anderson visited the El Dorado Fire Command Post in Yucaipa to receive a briefing about the fire, its origin, and the circumstances surrounding the death of a firefighter.

Today, members from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, including District Attorney Jason Anderson, went to the El Dorado Fire Command Post in the city of Yucaipa. 

Mr. Anderson met with representatives from Cal Fire, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, and the United States Forest Service. Mr. Anderson received an overview briefing of the active fire and the circumstances surrounding the death of a U.S. Forest Service Firefighter, which occurred the previous evening.

“This morning, I can indicate that since this began, we’ve had a lot of inquiry from the public about what we’re doing,” said Mr. Anderson. “The priority continues to be getting the fire out, protecting the safety of the residents who live here in the county, their structures, and to avoid any other loss of life.” 

The district attorney’s office cannot render any decisions as to what charges may be filed for the cause of this fire until all investigations are completed.  Until then, the district attorney’s office will be working with the sheriff’s department and the individual fire agencies to navigate what future steps may occur in this particular incident. 

“I want to assure people that this is very forefront of our minds,” Mr. Anderson stated. The El Dorado Fire is affecting many residents in the San Bernardino community, and the seriousness of the situation is not being overlooked.


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