It’s okay to be passionate about your beliefs and your mission, but using intimidation tactics and reporting erroneous information can lead to a lack of credibility by those committing these type of acts on social media.

Recently, The Kris Kelly Foundation has posted inaccurate information regarding a dog in San Bernardino County. The Kris Kelly Foundation is a nonprofit animal rights organization based out of the Los Angeles area. The organization is attempting to use bullying and intimidation tactics to persuade our office to take some type of action in the matter. There is even a picture of a person resembling and claiming to be actress Priscilla Presley endorsing the foundation’s activities as it relates to this dog. We have been unable to verify if the person in the photo is in fact the actress.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office is not involved in this case. The office only handles criminal matters, and at this point, this is not a criminal matter.

We have attempted multiple times to reach out to a member of the Kris Kelly Foundation to seek their cooperation in correcting their posts, but have not had any contact with them. 

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office is a friend to the animal and pet owners community, and we hope to continue that relationship.