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Teenage $ex 4 $ale - The Documentary
About the Film
Teenage $ex 4 $ale: Human Trafficking in San Bernardino County is the Emmy-nominated documentary produced by the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office that delves into the problem of sexual exploitation in the nation's largest county.

From boastful pimps preying on young women to one woman's quest to open a home for female victims, the film highlights a unique coalition of government agencies and how they are reaching deep into the community to eradicate human trafficking.

Host a Screening

Screening of Teenage $ex 4 $ale: Human Trafficking in San Bernardino County is happening now. It has been screened over 200 times across California and five other states. The film is available at no cost to universities, school districts, government agencies and officials, members of law enforcement, churches and any other organization committed to raising awareness and combatting the terrible crime of human trafficking. Click here to download the film (When you arrive at the link, be sure to click on download below the film).

We encourage all groups with a passion for seeing human trafficking brought to an end to build meaningful community events that call attention to the issues addressed in the film. Please consider bringing this short documentary to your city.



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